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And why?

Some in the Catholic church understand better than others that the fight to preserve their separate schools will be tough and complicated.

Here is a segment from an address by Bishop Donal McKeown to the Irish Council of Churches in Swords last week.

It acknowledges that if Catholic schools are to survive they have to offer something different from what the state offers.

It rebukes those who think that Catholic schools in Northern Ireland are for the preservation of Gaelic culture.

It intimates that those schools who insist on selection procedures that privilege the middle class are already in breach of the Catholic ethos.

It says that Catholic schools must contribute to reconciliation in society.

And it recognises that there is now a more secularised generation of head teachers.

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Half truths or worse from the IRA

This week the commission for the location of victims remains has
closed down its search in County Monaghan for the body of Gerry Evans.
The search for the remains of the disappeared has been fruitful in
some cases, hopeless in others; depending on the quality of
information passed on by the IRA.
And it is not only the families of the disappeared who have been
challenging the memory of the IRA.
Some families of those killed as informers have been talking to the
IRA and seeking information about the reasons their loved ones were
The answers are not always satisfactory here either.
I have been talking to the family of a young man shot
dead by the provisional IRA nearly 40 years ago.

As broadcast on Sunday Sequence this morning (Oct 3.2010)

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