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The good news today is that people currently 60 years old and in good health can expect to live another 40 years.
But a conference in Belfast on Health Inequalities heard statistics showing that life expectancy varies across a small city like this.

The disparity adds up to 5,000 deaths a year in Ireland!

My contribution was to say it isn’t enough to moralise about working class people smoking and eating junk food.


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Politics and the PC

This is a recording of a speech I made to the Civil Service ICT Conference, Moving On, in Limavady on October 20.
They invited me to get voluble on the subject of how well journalists and politicians have adapted to the digital age.

Part one starts with a bit of personal history.


In part two the speech examines how politicians have managed on the net, and particularly how they have failed to comprehend the opportunities created by Facebook and Twitter.


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The New Book

The publication of the new book inches closer.

Watch here for details of readings and the launch

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